Friday, January 23, 2009

Need a Gift Idea?

You ever have that person that is just impossible to buy for? Maybe Oilfield Jewelry is just what you are looking for. Growing up in South Louisiana, there were a lot of the oilfield worker types. Both of my sisters were either married on in a long term relationship with those types. I suppose if I would not have gotten married so young, I probably would have ended up dating one of those too. And I suppose, if I had, then I might understand how cool it would be to have a sterling silver drill bit charm or a tiny drill bit earring. And I suppose I wouldn't mind spending a lonely Friday night with a six pack of beer and a CD of the Oilfield Cowboy. I also suppose I would understand the humor behind a hard hat label that says "Its a total nipple up" with a topless girl on it.

Now, knowing these oilfield guys, I can tell you that most all of them could do well by stopping in at the Oilfield Bible Fellowship Church. There are a lot of sins to be forgiven with those guys! Possibly they could all get together and sing some roughneck songs.

You are probably wondering how in the world I ended up on these pages. Well, I have an explanation... sort of. You see, I use GMAIL and in GMAIL, they give you what is called "web clips" along the top of your inbox. Some of the the clips are things like quotes and some are website "advertisements". They are typically based on the subjects of your emails. So, for instance, if someone sent me an email and in the body of the email asked me about recipes for spaghetti, it is quite possible that I will get a web clip that shows a link for spaghetti recipes. It is actually a pretty cool concept and I try to make a habit of clicking the links that catch my attention. (After all, GMail is free and I really like it and I would really like to keep it that way.) So, I am not exactly sure what email I got that caused the web clip for "Oilfield Jewelry" to show up on the top of my email, but nonetheless, I clicked it. Once I was there I was trapped by some odd sense of curiousity. I can't help but wonder, if my brother-in-law, the die hard oilfield worker, was still alive... would he be really excited about this?

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  1. Though I am not a fan of this for myself or anyone else. It is kind of interesting that someone was creative enough to think outside of the box and find something that would appeal to a select clientele. They are affordable too. Not to mention what a great way to recycle drill bits that are no longer usable for drilling. Very environmentally friendly, I think... ;-)