Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to ensure law school doesn't suck the creative writing out of you...

I just realized that I started and quite quickly abandoned this blog, with my last post being last February.  That is pretty sad.  Now, I have done some other writing but this blog in particular was started to help me keep my "creative" side going.  A place where I could just write for fun, with no rhyme or reason.  I have had a few people in the legal field tell me that their law career, law school especially, managed to suck their ability to do creative writing (short stories, poetry, etc) right out of them.  I am trying to not let that happen to me.  So I am going to set myself a reminder today on my calendar that I will post at least one "creative" blog per month on here.  Somewhere to just stretch my thinking a little and maybe create some interesting banter.  Now, I will not promise that the posts will not be law school or legal field related, after all that is my world right now, but I will promise that they will be entertaining, unstructured, and have just the right amount of "Jen" thrown in.  

That's it for now... but another post before January is over!!

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